Handbook „Music and Migration: Handbook for Theories and Methodologies“


The University of Salzburg and Mozarteum University Salzburg are developing a handbook titled "Musik und Migration: Ein Theorie- und Methodenhandbuch" under the leadership of Wolfgang Gratzer and Nils Grosch, who have launched the inter-university research initiative "music and migration" (cf. musik-und-migration.at).

The handbook, which will consist of two volumes and encompass approximately eight hundred pages, is expected to come out in German by the end of 2020 (The possibility of an English translation is currently considered.)

Designed to be a comprehensive standard work that provides future case studies with a solid and simultaneously inspiring foundation, this handbook makes approaches from contiguous disciplines as well as relevant transdisciplinary research paradigms (e.g. cultural mobility, transcultural studies, postcolonial studies, discourse analysis) fruitful for the investigation of musical migration and connections between music and mobility. At its core, this project makes the content and relevance of key terms and concepts, which can be linked to, such as migration, mobility, exile, identity and integration useful for research on musical migration.